The ask was to encourage casual filmgoers to give the Seattle International Film Festival a chance. SIFF is much more than a moody, sub-titled, sub-genre bore-fest.

We decided to show that the smallest bit of curiosity will open up a whole new world of exciting, new film.

So, WE 3-D PRINTED THE ENTIRE TRAILER, creating a tiny, magical world of film that rewards the curious among us. Every scene, set and character was birthed from a Makerbot inside production company, World Famous’ hot and sweaty studio. Well, except for the first few moments of live action. You can’t 3-D print humans. Yet.

Let’s just say it was a labor of slow-moving laser love.


In-Theatre Bumpers: 

These spots ran before and in-between films as branding for the festival, and a reminder for viewers to stay curious and expand their film horizons.